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I enjoy reading adult horse fiction, but as a woman who works full-time, has a husband and family, with a home to manage, I stay busy. I find “my time” in the barn, as do many horsewomen.

I enjoy sitting in a barn listening to horse sounds, the stamp of a hoof, and the swish of a tail, the steady grinding of teeth on hay.

Sitting there the turmoil of the day slowly leaves, and I breathe in deeply, the clean smell of hay, horse, leather, even the earthy smell of horse apples tickles my nose instead of offends it.

I walk to a stall; a horse swings her head over the stall door to greet me. I love the smell of horse, earthy and spicy. Why don’t they make male cologne that smells of horse and leather? The mare nuzzles my face, her breath sweet like grass.

This is where I come to unwind at the end of the day. This is my time, where I belong, where I am at peace.

I love the feel of books, the solid weight in my hands. The cover closed, the unseen pages beckon me. I delay opening the cover for a moment, wanting to extend the enjoyment of anticipation. When I can wait no longer, I lift the cover and the first page lies before me. I step from my world into the fictional world of the book. Each whisper of a page turning takes me further into the world a writer has given me. What a gift! The gift of her thoughts, dreams, and imaginings laid here before me.


Adult Horse Fiction


From the Horse's Mouth: One Lucky Memoir

by Gayle Carline (and her horse, Snoopy)


Publisher: Dancing Corgi Press

A young horse tells his story of growing up to become a champion, then suffering a traumatic injury and having to work to return to the show arena, to prove he's the same horse he always was, only different. more


Easy Love

by Heidi Furseth


Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Horse crazy girls? Horses don't make girls crazy, horses make girls women. more


Racing to Heaven

by Harriet Tramer



My Mezeppa

by Cheryl Bruder


Publisher: Self-Published

On-the-Edge-of-your-Seat-Nail-Biter more


Greystone's Secret - Suspenseful Tale of Efforts to Address Soundness of Thoroughbred Race Horses

by Robert Sharp


Publisher: CreateSpace

Nathan Hunter joins forces with the Callahans to prove the merits of the elder Callahan's Thoroughbred breeding program. Someone doesn't want them to succeed. Disaster threatens them in Ireland, Havre de Grace, MD, right into Professor Hunter's classroom in Lexington, KY. A fictional novel laced with facts to provoke thought about the soundness of today's Thoroughbred and the selective use of artificial insemination as a partial solution. more






Mystery series. Suspense with light romance, horses, dogs and just a hint of supernatural. Mild language. Show rider Jane Husted finds herself in great danger on lavish Springhill Estate. more


Cowgirl Dreams

by Heidi M. Thomas


Based on the life of the author’s grandmother, a real Montana cowgirl.

Defying family and social pressure, Nettie Brady bucks 1920s convention with her dream of becoming a rodeo star. more


Collective Marks

by Nancy Feldman


Set in the early 1960's, this novel has as its background the schooling of horses in Dressage at a time when the discipline was only beginning to be understood in the United States. more


Stormy The Barrel Horse

by Ralph Galeano


Performance horses and the challenge of the rodeo arena drive Ann Olsen in her quest for a barrel racing championship. more


Triple Cross; Cold Burn; Dead Man's Touch; At Risk;

by Kit Ehrman


Steve Cline mystery series have an authentic feel as the stories evolve around race tracks and show rings. more


The DAYES of Wyoming

by Patricia Probert Gott


Publisher: PRGott Books

"The DAYES of Wyoming" is a historic novel featuring horse trainer, Bertha Daye and her husband-mountainman, Charlie whose adventures include guiding guests on horseback into remote mountain paradises, rounding up wild horses, riding in overland horse races. more

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