Horse Bedtime Story To Share

When you read a horse bedtime story to you child you are building a bond between you and your child and your child and nature.

Would you like to finally read a children’s book which portrays horses with personality and spirit? More natural horsemanship, no more boring, blank horse stories.

Horse lovers with deep relationships to their horses only want to impart this to the children in their lives. Finally a children’s book which does just that. Gives horses lives, personality and adventures naturally.

Children love horses, give them what they want. Give them a wonderful bedtime story to create love and memories to last a lifetime.

Horses are one of the most majestic of God’s creations. Movement, power and muscle all rolled into a graceful beast, willing to give their lives for their partners. The true horse lover knows exactly what I am talking about.

Horses with personalities is not some mumbo jumbo, its real, right here and now. The movement from traditional to more natural, relationship based horsemanship in the past few years. The ball started to roll and now, you can’t seem to stop all of the horse lovers, developing fantastic realtionships with the wonderful horses in their lives.

I was so tired of the boring bedtime stories and also the old school version of horsemanship. I wanted my kids, to be closer to horses, not afraid and definitely not bored with them. I remember the days of equitation lessons and boring arena work. I also remember the first time my horse jumped barrels, but not because I made him do it. He did it because he thought his way through it and he offered to do it. After that, he offered to do spectacular things and made my heart soar. I wrote this just for the kids, who get to experience horses for the first time and those who love them just like I do.

Kids love horses, love to read about them and even make up stories to play. Pretending to ride, whether on an old saddle or on a suitcase in the living room, those little cowgirls and buckaroos make us smile. I love to watch them play with the tons of horse toys that line the shelves of my family room.

Give them a beautifully written story about horses, feeding their budding imagination.

A good story stays with them forever. Passing it on to your children, even grand children, don’t miss out on giving them a memory for a lifetime.

I bet you know one child that loves horses, barnyard animals and love listening to stories about them. Wouldn’t you love to give them a gift that will becomes their favorite book>

To purchase this bedtime story to read to your favourite child.