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Hello, I’m Sharon and welcome to my corner bookstore!

Horse books and pony stories are our specialty. We have horse books to entertain, educate and enlighten.

Please just step over Tabby-Cat. She was up all night, chasing a mouse that had nibbled on my beloved copy of Black Beauty. The mouse got away so she is still on guard.


Have you noticed when horse people meet, conversation is easy and friendships form quickly?

I envision my internet corner bookstore as a place for horse people to join with others. So, please, help yourself to a cup of coffee and a brownie, then join in one of the discussion groups if you like.

Don’t be shy. If your hobbies are horses and reading horse books, you are amongst friends here. Those are our hobbies, too.

Of course you’re welcome to wander the store and browse our selections of books. 

Just browsing for a quick read? We have essays for adults and short stories for younger readers to enjoy.

Yes, you are right. Computers sure have revolutionized the publishing world. With “Print on Demand” publishing, lots of great, new books aren’t on the shelf on the corner bookstore or neighborhood library. They’re on the web, waiting to be discovered. We would love to help you find just the right book.

Featured Book

Honey, A Pony's Story

by Honey

as told to Sharon Roberts


Honey's story is told primarily from the viewpoint of a small and injured pony. Confused and friendless at an auction, she is befriended by a cowpony, now too old to do strenuous work. Both are saved from the knacker's bid by an old man, hoping that the two of them might help save his granddaughter. more



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