The Pintaloosa Horse

Do you love horses with a lot of color? Are you familiar with the pintaloosa horse?

Besides the spotted world of the Paint, Pinto and Applaoosa, there is another type of horse with a kalidascope of color and patterns. This colorful horse is fast becoming the newest craze for people who love horses with a lot of color and very unique coat patterns. How about a beautiful Tobiano with a flashy spotted blanket? Or a Snowflake Tobiano? The different patterns are endless as is the multitude of colors.


by Rebecca Rogers

This book has over 400 color photographs of beautiful Pintaloosa equines, with a huge assorment of colors, a vast array of patterns and pattern types.

There is wonderful information to the Introduction of the Pintaloosa, Pintaloosa Class Types, indepth descriptions of each equine, speciality notes and lots and lots of general information on specific patterns and markings that make up the Pintaloosa.

If you love the world of horses and especially their brilliant array of color patterns - this book is the perfect book for you!

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