Our Favorite Teen Horse Fiction

Do you enjoy good teen horse fiction?

When the thermometer stays below freezing and darkness comes early do you relish the time you spend curled up in your favorite chair with a good horse book in one hand and hot cocoa in the other? Maybe fresh baked cookies on the end table.

Conversely when the summer heat is too intense for strenuous activity do you seek a shade tree? Lying there with icy cold lemonade in your hand, do you watch clouds drift lazily and dream of a different life?

The smell of grass tickling your nostrils, the sounds of bird chirping overhead and bugs buzzing, all you need is a new horse book to whisk you away on some adventure.

From classic books to new releases the choice can be overwhelming. We want to help you find just the right teen horse fiction.

Some of our readers enjoy writing, and are willing to share their works with us.

My horse gives me the freedom I desire, the excitement I crave.

Please share your essays with us.

Some authors have shared excerpts from their books.

Cross country jumping.

Stadium jumping.

Saddle seat.

A Gypsy Vanner and girl photo by Darlene Wohlart.

The Gypsy Vanner Horse is the preferred wagon and riding horse of the Romany Gypsies.


by Malinda Mitchell


Publisher: www.tex-ware.com

After being abused in the foster care system for nine years, 16 year old Pamela Reager steals a horse and runs away. Hiding in the mountains of Tennessee, she discovers that her horse, Helper, has many extraordinary gifts. more


Beauty's Son

by Anne H. Wood & Brian Keesling


Publisher: Chelsea Stables

A retelling of the classic Black Beauty set in the modern horse world. more



by Ruth Patterson

United Kingdom

Publisher: Ruth Patterson

Toni’s whole life is controlled by her mother. Arabella De Carteret. Brain-damaged event star. Vicious and vindictive. Then Toni meets Cal. And he shows her there’s another way.

'He twisted and turned, and whatever he did, the horse did too. Graceful and fluid. As if they were dancing together'

Threatened with the sale of her beloved pony, Buster, Toni decides it’s time to fight back. And Cal agrees to help.

‘Running away was one thing. Running away with a pony was something else entirely’ more


Wind,Wild Horse Rescue

by Denise F. Brown


Publisher: Raccoon Studios

Story about America's wild mustangs and their dangerous plight for survival and potential elimination forever from public lands today. more


The Christmas I’ll Never Forget

by David C. Reyes


Publisher: Crosslink Publishing

A boy – longing for a horse to call his very own… A brother – battling a life-threatening illness… A family – in need of a Christmas miracle… And a God – with an ultimate plan for their lives… more



by Mark Newman


Publisher: Create Space

This is an adventure story about a young girl and a wild horse in the Wyoming wilderness. Heather Hudson and Golden turn out to both be heroes. The action-packed ending is as uplifting as it is exciting. more


Midnight Magic - Be Careful What You Wish For!

by Nancy Di Fabbio


Publisher: iUniverse

"Mattie . . . Maaaattttie" He sent out his thoughts to her. He needed her to bring the painting out from the dark. He needed to look into her eyes. more


Penned up in Paradise

by Stasia Cramer


Publisher: Tadidom Publishers

A Novel about a Kidnapped Girl and an Arabian Stallion. more


Pocket Pegasus series

by Susan Stafford-Pooley


Publisher: Breakwater Books & Winged Horse Books

Laura Connor's 13th summer suddenly switches from boring to magical mayhem when her favourite Pegasus model, Flash, comes to life during a violent thunderstorm. Follow their adventures as fantasy collides with reality and Laura tries to keep her tiny talking, flying equine a secret from the rest of the world! more


Olympic Gold for Cat and Toby

by Sharon Roberts


This is the uplifting story of a girl's struggle to find herself after tragedy nearly destroys her life. Fourteen-year-old Cat has devoted her life to figure skating and works tirelessly for Olympic gold. more


Stealing A Girl

by S.L. Seymour


Publisher: Barnes and Noble

A troubled 12 year old girl spends the summer riding horses and has her work cut out for her when a beautiful and mischievous horse arrives. more


Eclipsed by Shadow

The Legend of the Great Horse ~ Book I of III

by John Royce


"Eclipsed by Shadow" is the first book of a new trilogy, "The Legend of the Great Horse" which takes the reader on a journey through the ages when horses were everyday companions in work, war, sport and spectacle. The story is told through the eyes of a young woman, a horse-crazy teenager traveling through history with knowledge of 21st Century horsemanship as her only defense. more

The Golden Spark

The Legend of the Great Horse book II of II

Adventure of a modern teenager transported into history by her "Great Horse" of legend, who uses her knowledge of horsemanship to survive humanity's past and find a way home.

Fast-paced storytelling entertains with excitement, humor and a colorful cast of accurately-portrayed historical characters.

Sequel to "Eclipsed by Shadow" winner of the *2009 Eric Hoffer Award for YA Fiction* and the *Mom's Choice Award.* more

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